What's NEW

2014 October
Nojiri designed cover masthead of France Louvre "Grand Opera Special Edition" new edition - Special Edition (comprehensive academic art books)

2014 August
Awarded the international cultural exchange Achievement Award at 21th Budapest International Book Festival

2014 April
Nojiri designed cover of 21th Budapest International Book Festival invitation catalogs.

Taiko Nojiri -Over the eternal

The music of this movie is composed by Taiko Nojiri.


Taiko Nojiri@-SYOKA(calligrapher)-
-Director and Exminer in institute of Japanese calligraphy.-
He studied under Taiun Ino.

He was born in Tokyo in 1961.He has learned calligraphy from he was child.
He has learned the body of the block style, a line book, the grass hand style, a seal character, the demotic semi-square style of Chinese handwriting since the age of 7 years old, and has exhibited for various calligraphy exhibitions and won many prizes.
TAIEIKAI was started functioning when he was 19 years old.He won MAINICHI prize at 29 years old, and continue wining various prizes afterwards.

He has written a work of the demotic semi-square style of Chinese handwriting of 20 meters size (ten width demotic semi-square style of Chinese handwriting works by the megaflick), and he published the collaboration work with an American apparel maker (Ulrich), and the German sportswear maker (Adidas).
Taiko is the calligrapher who won a prize for Cannes international art festival Cote D'Azur international art (blue ribbon) in 2004, plays an active part of worldwide.

He guess all fate right from the name of the person through a meaning, the power of the letter.

A.M.S.C. Spain headquarters artist member,
Spanish national member of association of Musee des Arts decoratifs friendship,
Member of Valle de los Suenos foundation,
Formerly member of Spanish national Museo Nacional del Prado foundation.
March, 2010 AMSC Spain art honoring prize
2010, Prize for the first international calligraphy art world culture service