1991 Won a prize MAINICHI at MAINICHI calligraphy exhibition

1992 Won special prize at Institute of Japanease calligraphy

2003 Appeared by art many scholars, In the art inheritance of the 14th edhition new century.

2004 Won a prize for Cannes international art festival Cote D'Azur international art (blue ribbon)

2006 Published by the world artist dictionary

2007 Won Japan and Italy representation culture special prize (blue ribbon) at Japan and Italy art, -Reception of wonder and beauty-

2009 Recommended as member of Spanish national Museo Nacional del Prado foundation.

2010 Won A.M.S.C Spain art honoring prize

2010 Casted in CM of Cedynacard Premium

2010 2010, Prize for the first international calligraphy art world culture service

2010 Prize for Red Cross authorization Dunant art in Thailand.

2010 Authorized in AMSC eternity by a without audition formal authorized writer.

2010 Received Giorgio Vasari Prize (Italian Florence university)

2011 Prize for old palace art nova peace in China.

2011 Won a grand prix at Mongol and Japan art myth establishment festival (Mongolian international university)

2011 Stored up a sculpture to the Qingdao City national museum.

2011 Nojiri was gaven the congratulatory address of the Chinese poetry handwriting by himself work in the art of royal collection, is seven laps of sexagenary cycle birth elapsed time by Bhumibol Adulyadei Majesty king in Thailand.

2012 Nojiri was gaven Art honor award in Serbia from ministry of Serbian culture.

2012 Gallery of TAIKO NOJIRI The LOVE -Words of Eternal
Dec1 - Dec25 in Corridor Gallery of Hotel Nikko Tokyo 3F.

2012 Serbia Arts honor Award(Grand prix) Presented from Serbia Ministry of Culture.

2013 Nojiri's calligraphy art are chosen permanent collection at Hungary hop Ferenc Museum of Oriental Art

Published in the world artists dictionary.

2013 France Cultural Heritage Protection Act enacted 100th anniversary exhibition was held in France, Pariberushi Museum.
Nojiri was awarded the "Buddha Date creative art objects Award" at the exhibition.
And Nojiri's calligraphy art are chosen permanent collection at France, Pariberushi Museum.

2013 Japan and Croatia Best Arts Award

2013 Nojiri's calligraphy art are chosen permanent collection at Sweden, Stockholm Oriental Museum